Study (and work) in New Zealand


Study (and work) in New Zealand

Our English schools and Private Training Establishments (PTEs) have three vital elements: academic excellence combined with a ‘Kiwi’ cultural experience, fun and friendship. You will find international students from all over the world at different levels of English who will become good friends for life. All schools received the highest rating from the New Zealand Quality Authority (NZQA) and provide Cambridge Certificates, IELTS preparation and TOEIC preparation courses as well as General English Courses or Diplomas and Graduate Diplomas.

From January 2014, English students in New Zealand will be able to study full-time (20 hours) and work part-time (20 hours) which opens a whole lot of opportunities for young people looking to improve their English and make their stay here in Tauranga or Queenstown an affordable one.

If you want to be able to work and study, you will have to spend at least 4 hours studying every day and work towards a Cambridge certificate, a high IELTS score or a General English award, depending on your existing level of English. Exams for Certificate courses are not included in the price and need to be paid at exam registration. If you just want to study English you can pick any number of study hours/week (15, 20, 25 or even 30).


Course options (15, 20, or 25 hours/week)

– Cambridge Certificates
–  Business English
–  General English
–  TESOL/TECSOL (Learn to become a TESOL Teacher)
–  Diploma of Business / Hospitality / IT/ Health (Levels 5, 6 and 7)

Coming to New Zealand to study and work needs a bit of preparation and consultation to make sure you apply for the right visa. Here you can find a first overview of the visa system in New Zealand.

If you just want to come to New Zealand and experience a cultural exchange, you can study English for 3 months on a visitor visa without having to apply for a study visa. Please inquire via our contact form or have a chat with us on our Live chat . We will tailor a course that is absolutely right for you! We can also help you find a Tertiary level course in Tauranga, or anywhere else in New Zealand.