How about being a Granny-Aupair?

Granny-Aupairs are mature women of 50+ who, after having raised their own children successfully, have lots of love and understanding to offer to any other family. This outlook, combined with their desire to finally venture out into the world on their own, makes them the perfect match for a family who prefers maturity and sophistication over entrusting their children to teenagers. Or, for an elderly person living alone in a big house who is looking for a companion and intellectual stimulation from abroad.

How often have you dreamed about having the courage to go and travel into a far away country, not just to holiday, but to live there and experience a different life style. You might have told yourself that you are too old, can’t do it alone, don’t speak the language, never will have the courage to do it. If that’s the case, get in touch with us, because we will help you achieve what you thought would be impossible. This arrangement works both ways – whether you are a Kiwi wanting to go and live with a family somewhere else or whether you are from outside New Zealand wanting to come and live and study here for a while.

Seven Seas Cultural Exchange will be your facilitator in establishing a contact with possible hosts for your cultural exchange experience. The emphasis is very much on the idea of cultural exchange. Host families have various reasons for opting for a Granny-Aupair (Leih-Oma in German …. a borrowed granny!). Often there is a cultural link they would like to keep up or redevelop, or they have some affinity for the country. Once you are got in touch with us we will be able to match you with a family and find a proper language course for you. It will be a prerequisite, for the Granny-Aupair to go to school and study English for 14 weeks. Otherwise she (or in fact he, we don’t discriminate against male ‘Leih-Opas’) would not be able to study and work in New Zealand.

It is quite obvious that for this arrangement to be successful both parties will need to communicate their needs and make sure they are fulfilled. Seven Seas Cultural Exchange will help with visa requirements, information on country and people, introduction to the cultural exchange experience and any other questions you might have. The minimum time to register for a Granny-Aupair experience including English language classes is 14 weeks, but you could go on studying and working (maximum of 20 hours) for 6 months or a year even! Take the leap and try something new on the other side of the world … we guarantee you you’ll never look back.

If you feel you spent enough time in your life looking after children, we can help you find a family or companion without children who would need some help in the house. Or a house/farm to look after while the owner is abroad! Or a volunteer position with similar minded people where friendship and a warm welcome will be guaranteed! Get in touch … the world is still your oyster!

For more information please contact us.