Let’s firstly clarify what a Demi-Aupair is and does.  A Demi-Aupair lives with a host family and helps with their children and household for board and food plus a small amount of pocket money. He/she is called Demi-Aupair because he/she only works 20 hours and is usually attending a language course in the mornings. This makes looking after children much less tedious, and it also makes studying more fun (and cheaper) because you have the best of both worlds! In your host family, you get to know the Kiwi lifestyle and at school, you get to know people from all over the world.

Once you have decided to take the big step of becoming a Demi-Aupair, there are a number of things to consider. Firstly you have to have the correct type of visa. New Zealand Immigration allows young people between 18 and 30 to come to New Zealand on a working holiday visa. Check out the website of Immigration New Zealand on Working Holiday visas to see whether your country qualifies. Some countries get an indefinite number, others only a certain amount a year.

What you can and cannot do as a Demi-Aupair will largely depend on the visa you are travelling on. If you have no working holiday visa, you can still enter New Zealand on a student visa (although there are certain requirements to fulfill)!  If you travel on a visitor visa, you can only be visiting a family as a friend or on a cultural exchange. So no pocket money there! If you are unclear about the visa situation, we have experienced licensed immigration advisers in our team, so contact us via chat or skype and we’ll find the best option for you!

Working Holiday Visa Student Visa
Weekly hours of study 15 hours per week 20 hours per week
Age restriction 18 – 30 years Any age
(also for Granny-Aupair!)
Country restrictions Only certain nationalities are eligible.
Check eligibility here
No restrictions
Course duration 12 weeks or 24 weeks Minimum of 14 weeks
Course type General English, Cambridge
Certificate, IELTS
General English, Cambridge
Certificate, IELTS
Price NZ$ 4200.00* or 6800.00

*add NZ$ 200.00 for CAE/FCE

From NZ$ 5100.00*

*add NZ$ 200.00 for CAE/FCE

Combination 12 weeks General English/CAE and 24 weeks Demipair: NZ$ 4500.00*

*add NZ$ 200.00 for CAE/FCE

The great thing about a Demi-Aupair stay abroad is that you will come home not only with a whole lot of stories to tell your family and friends and a massive increase in your Facebook contacts from all over the world but also with a certificate (usually Cambridge or IELTS) which can be used for university entrance as proof of English language skills or to enhance your career opportunites back home.

All our General English / certificate courses can presently be taken in Tauranga/Mount Maunganui and Queenstown (the 2 best spots in the whole of New Zealand!):

Demi-Aupairs can opt to sit an exam at the end of each intake and will receive an official certificate which is recognized all over the world. If you would like to know more our friendly team all over the world will look after you.

For more information please contact us.